Most of my life, I have watched movies, TV shows, and documentaries on the U.F.O. subject. About seven years ago I wondered if the phenomenon was real ? And I accepted it as fact. The next question would be, how do they work and how do they do what they do?

After reading that U.F.O.s where impossible, I studied every case I could find and pulled out all the technical information that could be found. Such as how they moved, glowed and pulsated. How they effected vehicles, animals, and people.

I found most of the technical information in contact cases and government documents that have been leaked. In addition, I found common threads all through these documents and cases. I then looked at any and all science available. While shifting through all the information I found that many people over the past hundred years have found most or all of this information. Those who have tried to make technology out of this information and or their own discoveries have been silenced, although some of their work is still available.

One of the main questions that was being asked by many was way all the secrecy? Dr. Greer of the Disclosure Project said it best in Understanding UFO Secrecy.

The Book

After years of research, I decided to make an humble attempt to put the information I found together in a cohesive and logical explaination of possible UFO technology. I wrote Flying Saucer - A Look Inside as a work of fiction, although it is based on real facts and cutting edge science, which have been brought to light by honest witnesses and researchers looking for the truth.

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