Gravity Explained

Here is what text book science knows about gravity, which is not much.

Gravity the scientific definition: The force of attraction between bodies as a result of their mass. It is inversely proportional to distance and proportional to mass.

The equation is ... F=Gm1m2 /r2... where G is the gravitational onstant, approximately 6.67248 x 10-11 m3 k-1 s-2, m1 and m2 are the mass of the two objects, and r is the distance between them. (This definition just explains the attraction between to bodies.)

Albert Einstein said "gravity is a result of the curvature of space-time."

Some confuse terminal velocity which is the speed that something falls in the earth's gravity with the Terminal velocity- is the speed that a falling object reaches when gravity and air resistance terminal velocity will be. Typical examples are : a raindrop 25 ft/s, a human being 250 ft/s. What's the speed of acceleration in a vacuum in Earth's gravity field? Near the surface of the earth, the value of gravitational acceleration is ~ 9.8 m/sē. This value decreases with altitude, being inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the center of the earth. The more compact and dense the object, the higher its equalize on the object.

The more mass the stronger the gravity. All mass has gravity no matter how big or how small. Weight- is the gravitational force exerted on a body by the Earth. Weight is not the same as mass. Now let's take a look at gravity in nature. Here we see the same fields that we see on the micro level also happening on the macro level. Gravity is an unseen affect in the common formations and acts the same way it does in the quantum realm.

Here we see the same geometry as we do in the elements. The planets are being held in place and driven by the same geometric forces we see in atoms and molecules.

Johannes Kepler worked out the basic laws of planetary motion. He also believed the planets were spaced apart by geometric relationships.

We can see gravity at work again in the orbital decay of satellites. But note that satellites are not in free fall within the earths' gravity well, they have mass and momentum.

So based on all this information, I have concluded here is what gravity is and where it comes from:

Gravity is the potential in the fabric of the field, and does not exist until acted upon by mass (I.E. the tensor field of the proton).

The strength of Gravity is an accumulative affect and is equal to Mass/Energy (electromagnetism).

Gravity waves always flow to the center of Mass.

Gravity - is the effect of the fabric of the quantum field being pulled in tighter and tighter into the proton, and or mass cluster in a spiral. As the gravity waves are pulled into the proton or center of mass it speeds up and the gravity becomes stronger. The earth's gravity is flowing to the earth's core in a counter clockwise direction. This explains way the earth rotates in a counter clockwise direction.

Gravity acts the opposite to the electric oscillating wave. In electric current the wave has a right hand spin and emanates from mass. Gravity has a left hand spin and is pulled into mass.

Gravity has what we would call a polarity. If the mass is spinning clockwise the gravity wave is clockwise, if the mass is spinning counter clockwise the gravity wave is counter clockwise, as we see with the earth. But to produce an artificial gravity wave the electrified mass must spin clockwise to produce the counter clockwise gravity wave.

Gravity is also fractal, just like the field, electromagnetism , and mass.

Gravity can move faster than the speed of light by many times.

To show how gravity can move many times faster than light. I refer you to the work of David Sereda and his Gravity Clock. He uses this model to demonstrate the gradient frequencies of gravity. He also covers differentials between waves that helps us understand how work is done between waves.

Quantum gravity is the same as gravity it will obey all the same rules it just looks to be stronger , I.E. the strong nuclear force. Because the wave is closer and spiraling faster towards singularity.

A good visualization of this is water going down the drain. The water is the field and the drain is the proton causing the whirlpool, the whirlpool is gravity. Gravity drives motion, and motion is time. The farther out you are in the gravity well the slower time will pass. You can never be out of the time stream because you have mass and there for gravity, and remember time is relative to where your are at. Here are some diagrams that show how the gravity wave may work, but remember it is part of the field and there for coupled to the electromagnetic wave.

One experiment that shows a clockwise spinning mass that is exposed to pulsed high voltage intense enough for a gravity wave to be observed, was discovered by Dr Podkletnov who carried out an experiment involving a super cold, spinning ceramic ring. An object held above the ring lost about 2% of its weight. According to Dr. Eugene Podkletnov his discovery was accidental. It emerged during routine work on superconductivity. The team was carrying out test on a rapidly spinning disc of super cooled ceramic suspended in the magnetic field of three electric coils, all enclosed in a low-temperature vessel.

This is the unification of the four forces, back on the vacuum explained tab electromagnetism is explained, The weak nuclear force is just the weak geometric forces within the incomplete geometry/ lines of attractions between the other protons. Gravity is explained above and the strong nuclear force is just quantum gravity and the polarity of the proton equalizing. So yes we can make machines that can mimic and tie into this field. After all everything is made up of this field.

Nikola Tesla: "Throughout space there is an energy. Is this energy static or kinetic ? If static, our hopes are in vain. If kinetic, and we know for certain it is, then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature. Many generations may pass, but in time our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe." "Alone one can't do much, but together there is nothing we can't do."
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